Enhancing Employer Branding Strategy with AI


Fanployer, a leading company in the HR and recruitment sector , is dedicated to optimizing and aligning employer branding strategies for businesses. Recognizing the need to innovate in assessing employer value proposition (EVP) through vacancy listings, Fanployer partnered with Entropical. The goal was to develop an AI solution that could provide detailed analyses of how companies present their EVP on career sites, a process critical for attracting and retaining top talent.


The traditional approach to analyzing employer branding and EVP in job listings was manual and time-consuming. The manual analysis process was not only labor-intensive but also t ook days to complete , hindering the ability to provide timely insights. There was a pressing need for a tool that could offer immediate, comprehensive, and consistent evaluations of EVPs across various focus areas like work-life balance, pay & benefits, job security & advancement, management, and culture.


To address this challenge, Entropical designed and developed a bespoke AI-powered tool for Fanployer. This innovative solution scans any employer's career site vacancies and generate detailed reports within seconds , a significant improvement over the previous method that required hours or even days. The tool evaluates the emphasis placed on different EVP aspects, identifies EVP drivers, analyzes language for inclusion, and assesses the appeal to various MBTI personality types.


Entropical's AI solution has transformed Fanployer's approach to analyzing and advising on employer branding strategies. By leveraging AI for the in-depth analysis of vacancy listings, Fanployer can now offer its clients more strategic, efficient, and effective solutions . This case study exemplifies the power of tailored AI solutions in revolutionizing HR practices, setting a new standard for how companies approach recruitment and employer branding in the digital age.
Nice to meet you! I'm Kjeld. Born and raised in Amsterdam, now living in Valencia (Spain). I've been programming since I was nine years old, and shifted my focus towards AI around 10 years ago. 
Having experience in both technical and business-oriented roles, my expertise lies in seamlessly bridging the gap between business objectives and technical execution.
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